PreCertification Fees

$550 per HUB PreCertification Application

Certification Fees

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PreCertification requires that a Pathways Community HUB applicant submit an application along with the required documentation. The HUB applicant must complete all certification prerequisites. This process confirms that there are no existing HUBs within the designated service region and the level of community engagement to select the HUB entity. The applicant must complete this step before moving forward with certification.

Initial Certification requires a comprehensive assessment of HUB compliance with the Pathways Community HUB Certification Program Standards. This process involves application review, technical assistance, document reviews, and site visits. Granting of certification designation is contingent upon HUB compliance with 90% or more of the standards and all prerequisites.

Desktop Review consists of the same process as conducted during the initial certification, with the exception of a site visit. The desktop review occurs 2-years from the date of initial certification. The intent of this review is to assess compliance, identify changes in the HUB’s services, and ensure continuous quality improvements are actively being implemented by the HUB and its network of care coordination agencies.

 Recertification consists of a full, comprehensive review and includes a site visit. Recertification remains in effect for 4 years.