Delivering quality and safe services by Community HUBs and the community care coordination agencies within the HUB’s network is a priority. Certified Community HUBs are held accountable for ensuring compliance with the Rockville Institute’s Pathways Community HUB Certification Program (PCHCP) Standards. Noncompliance with PCHCP standards are reasons for revocation of certification status when any of the following conditions exist:

  • Certification status expired without renewal.

  • Illegal acts have been committed by the HUB or a community care coordination agency(ies) within the HUB’s network.

  • HUB actions jeopardize the safety of the patients served by the network.

  • The HUB has not worked through the HUB Quality Improvement Action Plan within the agreed upon timeframe.

  • During a desk audit or recertification, the HUB did not meet the prerequisites and minimum standards to maintain certification.

When HUB noncompliance with certification standards has been reported to PCHCP:

  1. A Certification Assessor must verify claims.

  2. Once verified, the Assessor recommends to the Evaluation Review Panel that the certification designation be revoked.

  3. The Evaluation Review Panel shall issue notice of revocation.

Reinstatement of certification will require full certification review and payment of appropriate fees.