Materials, and references for communities, HUBs, policy makers and funders.



Provides Technical Support for Developing HUBs including assisting with

  • Education of your community leadership to provide on the HUB model, Standards and approaches for implementation.

  • Developing the most effective community leadership configuration and reporting structure.

  • Staffing configuration. across your HUB network and related documentation.

  • Education and engagement of local funders as well as connections to collaborative national funders.

  • Developing a range of documents spanning policy and procedure, job descriptions, contracts with payers, and contracts between agencies in the HUB network.

  • Strategies for initial ongoing quality improvement and research.


Support participation of HUBs in networking

  • National HUB Conference

  • HUB model related interest groups and related networking for CHWs, supervisors, administrators, policy makers, funders and researchers.

  • Work toward expanding peer reviewed and related high impact and quality focused publications with opportunities across the national network for participation.