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Pathways Community HUB Certification

The Pathways Community HUB (HUB) model is a rigorous and evidence-based strategy to assure the identification and mitigation of risk in a whole person approach to culturally connected care.  HUBs that achieve national certification have confirmed fidelity to the national prerequisites and standards of the HUB model.  These requirements assure that HUBs meet basic programmatic, training, supervision, personal health information, documentation, quality improvement, and related functional and legal requirements derived from more than 30 years of experience and research within community care coordination. Ongoing research and policy development continue to inform and improve these standards.  National and local funders, including Medicaid managed care plans, are now requiring Pathways Community HUB Certification.  Certified HUBs and those working towards certification represent a collaborative programmatic quality and research network which builds upon shared strengths and knowledge resources.